The Man Cave is a private warehouse owned by a booster of the University of Miami and Arizona State University.  As part of his office, he created this facility to connect with his friends as they plan their next great “travel adventure”.  Skiing, Biking and Sports is the theme of four friends who started connecting in the 80’s for fun!  The Man Cave isn’t all about men, as it motivates people to discover their fun and interests in life, make time to recreate and enjoy life with friends. It is available for private bookings and is programmed by Todd Davis of Team Play USA.

TEAM CLUE:  This is a “team building experience” to enhance and discover creative problem solving processes through communication, cooperation and having FUN!  The mystery in TEAM is the value of Together Everyone, which means connections, communication and clues to enhance the value of meetings, planning and office conversations.  Upon completion of the activity your group will improve their communication skills to take back to work, and their discovery of time for their hobbies and interests.  This experience provides a fun, interactive activity with a positive approach to the values of FUN!

Todd Davis is your Fun Coach and host of the program.  Todd is the founder of Team Play USA as well as a motivation facilitator for work-life balance through recreation, hobbies, volunteering and pursuit of one’s interests.  His mission is to inspire people to come to leave work happy because they show up happy.  This interactive process includes conversations and activities to assist in the discovery of what most people know already….”Taking time for me”!

Team Mystery Challenge: This event is a 3-4 Hour Team Building program combined with our Playshop “Have FUN at and AWAY from work and our results are guaranteed to connect your “team detectives”.


  1. Welcome and introduction to the Fun Factor
  2. Warm Up Game & Conversation
  3. Presentation of the Clue Game
  4. Group participation in the Clue Game
  5. Follow up conversations and review of points scored
  6. Slide show of the experience
  7. Lunch or appetizers & use of the facility

FEE:  Base facility fee:   $350

Per person: $75 + 15% service fee

This package includes:

  • One hour Mystery Game Play
  • Session on Fun at work through better communication and problem solving
  • Session on Fun away from work through work-leisure balance and discovering your hobbies and interests in life
  • Water, sodas, coffee & tea
  • Access to billiards, cards and facility activities
  • Pizza, Salad & Cookies
  • Slide show video of the experience


Add on activities:  We can add a Salsa or Pizza making competition as well as a “bar mix” challenge, or some Karaoke!

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