cavecreek map Welcome to where country meets Urban and you can too be the “Urban Cowboy or Cowgirl”, or let’s just say a Wrangler as you experience a variety of FUN Kick It Up activities.

URBAN FUN Providers offer us with a menu of activities to help your group have MORE FUN while you experience a wrangler of a good time.

URBAN FUN Activity Programs:

The Urban Chase:

JeepJeep:  We have a trailside throughout the country or chase right through town with a variety of stops and challenges.  Perfect for a corporate outing or meeting group! $125-$175 pp

FootFoot: Experience the town, bring your comfortable boots or sneakers as you cover one mile of places, people and things to do!  $55-$95 pp


FacilBar-muda Triangle” taste and judge challenge allows your group to rotate through three famous pubs while tasting and judging margarita’s and beer shandies. Your group will judge and vote while tasting and making their own mix at one of the stops! $75 pp

HoedownBIRTHDAY BASH OR GIRL’S GONE COUNTRY NIGHT:  Enjoy a jeep driven rally around town with a taste of Cave Creek, Line Dancing, Fun and Food for a “kick it” crazy night.  We can design your event to hit some landmarks, a toast under the stars and of course the Bar-muda Triangle tour. Spend the night at our provider partner “Carefree Conference Resort” and make it a fun overnight celebration.   $125 pp

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The Jeep Rally

The Foot Rally